The fun stuff

Fire-breathing monsters are always a good bet, though it's the quirky nature of the quests that's most compelling even for the boys. Bellerophon gets sent to deliver a letter ordering his own death, and he can't beat the Chimaera without special equipment and a flying horse. Jason and the Argonauts have to use a trick for their ship to make it between the Clashing Rocks. How is Heracles going to get the Titan Atlas to set down the weight of the heavens and help retrieve the Golden Apples of the Hesperides - or vanquish the Hydra when two heads keep sprouting in the place of each one he chops off? If Medusa can turn you to stone just by looking at you, how is Perseus going to make good on his brag to bring back her head in a bag? And then there's the Labyrinthine maze with the Minotaur in its midst, and wings of feathers and wax that allow Daedalus to fly. And, well, email us your favorites - we were just about to mention them.