Hi, my name is Sarah Kasavan I am a 13-year old 7th grade student at Washington Middle School, Salinas, California. My English teacher, Mrs. Carol L. Hammons introduced my class to this game to help us have fun by learning and interacting with Ulysses from Ancient Greek Mythology. I have always loved to read about Ancient Greek Mythology, and since I am mostly kinesthetic, this game has been a joy. All day I can't wait for period 6, because I know that we will be playing Wrath Of The Gods in the computer lab that day.

This game was so exciting! I liked how you were in charge of what Ulysses does, where he goes, and the objects he uses and collects. I liked this game so much, I purchased the game at school. I recommend this game to every person of any age. It's guaranteed to keep you busy, excited, and occupied for all the time in the world!

I asked some of my friends to share their feelings about the game with me...and all of them have fond memories of this great game!

"Makes mythology come alive right before your eyes!"

      -Michaela Petrovich, age 12, 7th grade, Washington Middle School.

"Opens my eyes about mythology... It makes learning exciting!"

      -Steven Norris, age 13, 7th grade, Washington Middle School.

"Wrath Of The Gods teaches you about mythology without being boring. It's totally amazing and fun!"

      -Susan Blickenstaff, age 13, 7th grade, Washington Middle School.

"Gives you another view of mythology by letting you interact with it!"

      -Stacy Taormina, age 16,10th grade, Salinas High School.

"I have never liked mythology before, but interacting with this game made learning about mythology a lot more interesting and fun to me!"

      -Amanda Johnson, age 16, 10th grade, Salinas High School.

"A great game with a memory to last a lifetime!"

      -Sarah Kasavan, age 13, 7th grade, Washington Middle School.

Wrath Of The Gods also has gotten students (and teachers) to actually read ancient Greek myths, such as The Adventures Of Ulysses. By reading those books about mythology, it sometimes tells you little details and hints to help you with the game. One example is that if you read "The Sirens" in the Adventures Of Ulysses book, it helps you to know how to get by the Sirens without dying in the game. You can also refer to the book by playing the game. You can also play the game to help you understand what you are reading. You can also refer to the game, giving examples saying, "Oh yeah, this is like in the book when..." and things like that!

100% recommended to people of all ages! I hope you enjoy!

      -Sarah Kasavan, age 13, of Salinas, California