mmerse your students in the mythology, history and geography of Greece. Wrath of the Gods transports them there for an epic journey in this engaging CD-ROM adventure. Students will capture the Golden Fleece, fly Pegasus and face Medusa in adventures based on the greatest heroes of all time. If you and your students like Greek mythology, you'll like Wrath of the Gods.

To get the most of the CD-ROM, you might also be interested in "Wrath of the Gods: The Complete Guide." This handy paperback book contains the complete mythological background to every scene in the game, as well as a guide to the solution of the puzzles. It is available in PDF format as a free download:

Wrath of the Gods: The Complete Guide
(Adobe Reader format)

Free download:
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And since the CD-ROM is faithfully based on of the adventures of Hercules, Jason, Theseus, and the other great heroes of Greek mythology, you might want to download a single document that collects their stories as a print-out for your class. "The Heroic Myths" presents the stories as told on Mythweb, together with a useful index/glossary:

The Heroic Myths
(Adobe Reader format)