Wrath of the Gods
Our "Wrath of the Gods" learning game teaches Greek mythology in a way that students enjoy.

You can use it in combination with this website or with the downloads below on this page to make a complete unit on Greek mythology.

Or you can let the kids play with it on their own, confident that they'll be picking up a lot of authentic mythology while they're having fun.


"The Heroic Myths" by Joel Skidmore is a complete collection of the adventures of Hercules, Jason, Theseus, and the other great heroes of Greek mythology. These are the same stories as told by Joel on Mythweb, formatted for printing and distributing to your class, and including a useful index/glossary.

The Heroic Myths
(Adobe Reader format)

Free download:
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The adventures of Odysseus (The Odyssey by Homer) as told by Mythweb. Now in a single file for easy printing and distribution to your class. In Adobe Reader format.

Free download
(Adobe Reader format)