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Illustrated Stories of the Heroes of Greek Mythology

There you'll see an icon for the hero Jason, who was in line to become the king of Iolcus before his wicked uncle usurped the throne. As a child Jason was entrusted to the protection of a kindly centaur. This creature, half-man and half-horse, saw to it that Jason got an education suitable for the great quest that lay in store for him. This was nothing other than to journey to the furthest ends of the known world in search of a magical golden fleece guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. To learn more click here:

 Jason and the Argonauts from Greek Mythology

Son of the supreme god Zeus himself, Hercules was the greatest of the heroes. To atone for a crime committed in a fit of madness, he was challenged to perform a series of heroic tasks, or Labors. Among them were retrieving the golden apples of the Hesperides from a dragon-guarded garden at the far end of the world, killing the many-headed monstrous Hydra, and bringing the hellhound Cerberus up from the underworld of the dead.

 The myth of Hercules

As told by the blind minstrel Homer in his great epic The Odyssey, the tale of Odysseus is one of the highlights of Greek mythology. The Trojan War has finally come to an end after nine long years, and now the hero must make his way home to his faithful wife and son. But the homecoming will be long delayed as Odysseus faces perils like the enchantress Circe who turns his men into animals, giants who bombard his ships to smithereens, the angry god Poseidon who stirs up a hurricane, and the one-eyed Cyclops who wants Odysseus for his dinner.

 Homer's Odyssey

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