Years before, it was Medea's magic that had ensured the birth of Theseus to Princess Aethra of Troezen. Now Medea played on the king's insecurity. Surely the stranger at the banquet was too popular with the people. He might well seize the throne for himself. The king was persuaded to serve Theseus poisoned wine. And the hero, unawares, would have drunk it had he not paused first to carve his dinner. Or perhaps, more dramatically, Theseus drew his sword not to mince his boar's meat but to reveal his identity. In any case, Aegeus recognized the pattern on the sword's hilt. This was his own weapon, which he had left under a rock for his son to discover. Aegeus dashed the poisoned cup to the ground. Medea stormed out and made her escape in a chariot pulled by dragons.